City Select Double Stroller

IMG_6108I went through a few strollers before I found the right one for my family so here it goes my rollercoaster of strollers we went though.
I started out with a Bob stroller when I had my first daughter and it was super nice, loved the larger tires. We were in Alaska and needed the bigger tires to get through the snow and it was awesome for the little outings we did.
But then we had two little girls and we needed to upgrade. I automatically went straight for the double Bob stroller, but my issue was whenever I went shopping, getting through isles was impossible with it and going on walks I felt like I took up 3/4ths of the path and I could never put anything else in the back of my car since it took up the entire trunk. I returned my Double Bob and I bought a Phil & Teds double stroller, but being a 5’8″ mama and my husband being 6’3″ we were constantly hitting the second seat with our feet, and I didn’t really like how low my daughter was to the ground. I also didn’t think she could see much since there was a seat right in front of her…soooo I sold that one. Back to researching…. Ugh!
I finally found the stroller, the double stroller that we needed. It is a City Select double stroller in the beautiful Amethyst color from It has been everything I wanted in a double stroller, its compact when folded, rides smooth and has tons.. tons of space in the under carrier spot for all my mommy necessities.. and its great for holding all my bags when we go shopping(hehe).. or if my kids find little treasures such as rocks, sticks, pinecones and leaves its good for that too. 😉
I know its expensive.. eeesh!! But its well worth every penny. I use my City Select all the time whether its going on a walk, to the mall or going to the park its my go to stroller. I know it will last a long time and we plan on have a couple more kiddos and I wont have to buy another stroller.IMG_7164
I hope this helps you mama! I know it can be a little tough to find the right stroller that will suit your family. 🙂