Make home, home.

Today we took a walk around our neighborhood. We live in the houses on the block that are a lot older, they’re smaller, they don’t have a fenced in yard, or a garage(just a car port). The new houses were built in the past few years and have a fenced in yard, have a double car garage and are bigger… basically all around nicer. As we were walking I was thinking about how nice they were and how I wished we had been in those houses.

We came home I put Jess, my younger daughter, down for a nap while Clara and I picked up  the house for a little bit, and  then I made a loaf of bread while Clara watched a show on our tablet. After putting the ingredients into the bread maker I went and sat down to read my devotions for the day, out of ‘The Devotional for Women’ by Dorothy Kelly Patterson.  I just got the devotional a few days ago on my Kindle. Todays read was titled “Beautiful House or House Beautiful Day 2”.  In there it says:

“The Creators plan begins with a clear statement that He-“the Lord God”- plants you where He wants you to be geographically, which often is not where you want to be. This divinely appointed “garden” (Hb. gan, “a place hedged around” or “protected”) is a wonderful metaphor for what the Creator designed as home. Gardens set apart a particular space; they suggest beauty-whether flowers or fruit trees or just a touch of green and some natural stones; some produce food and sustenance; they often create a sense of peace and quiet rest to provide a perfect setting for conversation and building relationships. 

How fitting that God decided to name his garden “Eden” (a Persian loan word meaning “delight”). Here then is the challenge: Can you create a home of “delight” for those whom you love the most and for the strangers who pass your way? …

… How can you make your house beautiful? Regardless of the neighborhood in which you are living, whatever the age or size of your home, despite the quality if your furnishings and accessories-you can create “house beautiful” using your own creative energies and developing an attitude of faithful service to those whom you love the most.”


There was my wake up call. In a way I kind of felt guilty for wishing to be at the end of the block in the nicer houses. Its not about where we are, what kind of house we are in, what state, city, how our yard is or if its in the north, south east or west. Its about making your home, home. Being in the military we have moved three times now and most likely we will be moving in about 8 to 9 months from now. I am trying to make the house we are in as homey as possible, even if we are in it for just a short while. I wont be painting the walls at this home, but I have done other things such as hang family pictures, my husbands army plaques, random sayings and add my own unique home touches to it.

I need to remember to be content at where we are at, and to remember God has us here for a reason. I am glad God opened my eyes to this today, it is something that I needed. I think it is awesome how God knows what we need and shows us at the right moment.


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