Room makeover


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My family and I made a trip to Ikea about a week ago since I have been wanting to upgrade our girls room and and get their toys organized. I found some neat storage bins and also a fun loft bed. But when we went to grab our items, the storage organizers were all gone and the loft bed was way to large to fit in our Prius… Ugh!! My husband then said “have you checked Amazon for anything like the stuff that we want?” (If you haven’t noticed I love Amazon! When ya got two little trouble makers its nice to shop online, especially with Amazon Prime… anyways back to the blog post lol..)  I replied no, so we decided to go home and do some research.

Well, lo and behold I found a loft bed, but not only was it a loft bed it also had a slide! How cool, our girls love slides. Its the Donco Twin Loft bed. There is a tent that comes with the bed and it is a fun little spot for them to play. I put their book shelf under there, and it has become a little get away spot for them. It doesn’t come with a mattress so I went with the Signature Sleep Contour 8 Inch Twin Mattress, which to my surprise is really comfortable! Since it is a twin size bed I know it will last a long time too. Oh, and dont try to put this together by yourself, I made that mistake and now I have a gigantic bruise on my leg since one side of the bed came down on it. Youch!

Storage. So, being in the military we move a lot. Not to mention when we sold our house in Alaska we basically waited until the last weekend to pack up our house(yah bad idea.. but fourwheeling was just too much fun with our visitors we had in town.. and the glaciers.. ugh so beautiful!) and we moved into our RV for 3 months then we were in a hotel for the last month of living in AK since it had gotten to cold out to keep the water going in the campground.
Anyways, my point is I never got around to really going through toys and I didnt have a toy organizer before because, well, our kids were smaller and I just threw them in a couple boxes and it worked. Now, we have little Minnies, blocks, toy food and other small random little toys that, not gunna lie drive me nuts sometimes. So I wanted something that had bins, and lots of them so they were in their bin and my kids could grab a bin and play with the items that were in that bin. So I found it, its the Tot Tutors Toy Organizer, the pastel is a few bucks more but, I wanted it to match and it will be passed down. The bins are a nice size and they hold a nice amount of toys.

I keep a lot of our books in the closet shelves and wanted something that I could rotate books out with, so I went with the Tot Tutors Book shelf. It holds enough books as to where the girls can enjoy their books and I can keep my sanity with not having so much out at one time.

For the couch, this was more of a birthday present for my daughter. I went with the Jaxx Couch and it is a pretty neat little couch. Both of my kids fit on it well and there is plenty of room for their stuffed animals to join them on the it too. The couch can be made into a bed, a couch with benches and you can also make it into a play table. A bonus is that it unzips and you can wash it if it gets dirty. Its pretty comfy and we have gotten some good use out of it.



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